Organeem Creamy Soap 240ml

Product with high text of anti-septic and cleanness. Formulated from the oil of Neem, known for its antibacterial, fungicidal and cicatrizante properties.

WAY TO USE: apply enough amount of the product on the skin or sponge previously wet. Spread the foam in the body with circular movements.

Organeem Shampoo 240ml

It is indicated for all types of hair. With antibacterial and fungicidal properties, it acts in the root of the hair, revitalizing it, keeping the color and the softness of wires. Its formula is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamina E.

WAY TO USE: apply the product in the wet hair massaging them delicately. It leaves to act per 5 minutes and rinse.

Organeem Conditioner 240ml

Product formulated from the Natural Extract of Neem, being indicated for normal and dry hair after the use of Shampoo Organeem.

WAY TO USE: Apply it after the use of Shampoo Organeem without to rinse.

Organeem Moisturizer 110g

Cream of moisturizer action with enriched vitamin formula that allows its use in the body as in the face. After de application create a protective layer that hinders the evaporation of the water and protects against the harmful action of the sun.

OrganeemGel 110g

It is a product with high capacity analgesic and cooling. Formulated from the extract of Neem, with properties antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, enriched with menthol and camphor.

Organeem Toothpaste 130g:

The formula with Fluorine, Calcium and Vegetal Extracts of the Neem combat foods acid that cause carieses, fortifying the enamel of teeth.


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