TV Globo documentary in NORDESTE RURAL Program (April, 2002)

TV Globo documentary in NORDESTE RURAL Program (June, 2003)

News article in GLOBO RURAL Magazine (July, 2003)

Neem, the multipurpose tree

The native plant of India has applications in the cosmetic industries, druggist and furniture factories, and is a natural insecticide that contributes for supported agriculture.

When doctor Maria do Rosário Guimarães gained two little trees of Neem, the Brazilian research about this tree still was incipient. A forest engineer had informed that the plant would serve of excellent natural insecticide for its plants, located in a small farm in Aquiraz, 30 kilometers of Fortaleza, CE. About two years later, she perceived that the lettuce, the beetroot, the carrot and other vegetables, that cultivated were not attacked by plagues. The research had evolved and today it knows that nim can be more than a powerful insecticide. He is capable to modify the metamorphosis, to reduce the fecundity and to inhibit the feeding of 413 species of insects. The production of Maria do Rosário grew for 300 trees in Aquiraz, and, together with her partner Elisabeth de Freitas, it manufactures products from the Neem, as shampoos and moisturizers. Perceiving the easy adaptation to the climate and the success with the clients, they had invested in a plantation in Jaguaribe, 300 kilometers of Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará hinterland, of more than 12 thousand trees.

As in the history of success of the partners, the production of Neem grows in high speed thanks to its innumerable ambient and commercial applications. Cosmetics and products of hygiene, as toothpastes, are made from the Neem. The pharmaceutical industry uses it in the production of medicines against lices and escabiose and syrup against bronchitis. For being an excellent antiviral, he is being tested in medicines against the virus of AIDS. India produces 600 types of medicines with the tree...


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